Bond amount is $12,500. CREDIT CHECK WILL BE REQUIRED. Rate is valid for all classifications excluding roofing (C-39) and swimming pool (C-53).
Rates and bond amount are subject to change without notice!
Altamont Insurance Brokers can also provide other options for those who do not qualify for this company, please contact us for the applications.

Preferred rate is $116.00 one year, $195.00 two year, $259.00 three year
Standard rate is $575.00 one year only
Sub-Standard rate is $1,334.00 one year only.

Roofers and swimming pool contractors
Bonds are available on one year terms only

                                Preferred          Standard              Sub-standard
Roofers                  $159.00              $625.00               $1,334.00
Swimming Pool     $181.00              $500.00               $1,250.00

Instructions For Obtaining A Bond

1) Complete the application, print, obtain signatures from all the necessary parties as well as their requested information.

2) For payment options click_here, send payment only if no credit check needed otherwise we will contact you for payment after a credit check is performed.

3) Fax or mail the above to us at:.

Altamont Insurance Brokers.
4598 S. Tracy Blvd. Suite 120
Tracy, CA 95377

Fax # 209-835-7395.

For additional information please contact us at 1-800-863-6395
For Bid/Performance bonds click_here
Please complete this Adobe Acrobat pdf file, form and fax to us.
For license bonds see below
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